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From left to right: Viv, Leiticia, Cadu, Marcio, Daniela and Lidia

Learning English Today

by Cristina Pose

These days it's becoming more and more important to know English. As this language is considered an international form of communication, there are a lot of good reasons to develop the knowledge of English.

People usually link the need to study English to their professional development. It's true that the professional that can understand and communicate in this language nowadays, is better prepared when applying for a job. However, this is not a matter of prejudice, but a question of being able to discover new cultures and becoming familiar with new technology more easily. These are the requirements of the global market we are now in. The professional who is able to learn new languages, is normally able to make new contacts and absorb new ways of thinking too.

The study of other languages helps children and adolescents to develop their interpersonal skills, and also to learn about new countries. The exchange of information with children in other countries will help them to get used to finding information in the future.