A comparison of New York, London and Rio de Janeiro

By Cynthia Valenša

When I was twenty I spent five months living in London. The first two months there, I lived with a Brazilian friend. After that I moved to the house of an English family. I did an English course all the time I was there.

Last year, I went to New York with my parents for just one week.. I was on holiday and it was the first time I had been there.

Based on my experience of both cities, I can compare life between them, and Rio.

Rio is the only city that has got beaches, lakes and mountains. Therefore it's the most beautiful place. On the other hand, Rio is as dangerous as New York.

New York is the best place for shopping. Although London has good department stores as well, they are more expensive than New York. In Rio there isn't as much variety as in America.

Certainly the weather here is better than in the other places. I guess the winter in London is as cold as in New York, but in London there isn't as much snow as in New York.

Whereas the people in New York are open, they aren't as friendly and hospitable as in Rio. In spite of being very reserved, the English are the most polite people.

I loved the English pubs, but I have to admit that the nightlife in London and in Rio isn't as good as in New York. There, you can find a place for all tastes.

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