Date: 29/07/99 No. of words: 150

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Studying English

By Rafeal Faria

I first started learning English at school when I was 8. It wasn't a formal class, the teacher showed us a piece of paper with a drawing, then she said what the drawing was about in English and forced us to repeat it.

When I was 12, I joined Cultura Inglesa. My first teacher was Mrs. Smith, who was a very good British teacher. She was strict, especially with the pronunciation of her students.

I left Cultura to study at IBEU when I was 16. Actually, I liked the classes I had at Cultura more than the one's I had at IBEU, because at Cultura we used to learn about culture, too, but the school was so far away from my house, that I changed.

I finished studying at IBEU when I was 19. As the years went by, I felt that my English, which was never fluent, was becoming poor, so I started to learn English again with Viv.

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