By Viv Quarry (                                Edition Number 71                The twenty-sixth of May 2011.



Viv would like to give a warm welcome to Bruna, Fernanda, Isabel, Marcele and  Mariana.

Welcome back!

He is also happy to welcome back Cristiana, who has restarted classes after a long break.


Congratulations to Renata on the birth of her son.

Good luck!

Viv would also like to wish Nara the best of luck in the Cambridge CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) Examination, which she is taking in June this year.

Happy birthday!

A late 'happy birthday' to Isabel Porto, who celebrated this special day on the 7th of May. Viv would also like to send birthday greetings to Tati (30 May), Luce (3 June), Fernanda C (3 July), Lilian (5 July), Tita (17 July), Renata (18 July) and Anne (28 Aug).

Last but not least..................

Viv will be celebrating his 50th birthday on the 5th of June. As this day is a Sunday, he's organising a party on Saturday the 4th of June and hopes that all his current and ex-students can come. As an additional incentive, any of his current students who come to the party will win two classes without any Viv's angry pages!!!!! :-)


Viv will not be working on the day of his birthday party (4th June) and there will be a long weekend without classes from the 23rd June until the 25th June (Corpus Christi). As usual, the 7th September is also a holiday (Independence Day).

Course news

Firstly, Viv has been teaching English privately in Rio for about 15 years, and during this time, he was always able to say "If you get 20/20 in a vocabulary test, you'll win a month's free classes! Do you know how many people have done this? None!" Well, he can no longer say this because on the fourth of February this year, Lucimar Martins scored 100 in her vocab. test!!!! She got a 50% reduction in the cost of her classes for the next two months, completing Viv's promise. Well done Luce!!! You're the first of Viv's students to do this!!!

Well done also to most of Viv's students, very few people failed the vocabulary tests in May. The next class activities will be the past e-mail activity, which Viv will explain to his new students in class, and another back of notebook test in July. So that you know how Viv organises his teaching, there are vocabulary tests every three months (4 per year) and a back of notebook test every four months (3 per year).

Student of the month

Viv has decided to choose THREE students of the month for this edition! Of course, top of the list is Lucimar for her success in the vocab. test, but close behind I would like to congratulate Andrea Vasconcelos and Luciana Lima for the excellent progress they've made in their English recently. Well done!


Page 2 has some of the messages people have left on the guest book of Viv's web site in the last few years.


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