By Viv Quarry (                 Edition Number 83                 The twenty-third of September 2015.



Viv will be teaching some short intensive courses over the next few weeks, and would like to welcome Estefania, Maju, Sue and Valeria.

Welcome back!

It's nice to see Monique again after the long break.

Happy birthday!

Unfortunately, Viv missed some of his student's birthdays while he was on holiday. Late birthday greetings go to Luciana (8 Aug), Leandro (18 Aug), Bruna B (1 Sept) and Juliana(4 Sept). Happy birthday to Amanda for the 23rd of October.


The 12th of October is a national holiday (Our Lady of Aparecida), so Viv will not be working on this day. If you would like to reschedule your class to another day, just let Viv know.


When Viv was visiting his family and friends in the UK in August, he went for an interview for a job teaching English in Abu Dhabi. He has now been offered a job there and hopes to start his new job at the end of October or early in November.

Viv will miss his students and life in Rio de Janeiro a lot, but this job opportunity is very important for him professionally. He would like to do an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), and this was not possible while living and working in Rio de Janeiro. The contract will be for two years.

The time I have spent living and working in Rio have been very special to me, but I now feel that the time has come to move on. In the future, I hope to return to Brazil and perhaps open up my own language school in the future, but in the shorter term, next summer I want to finally go to Peru and visit Machu Picchu with my girlfriend.

If you have been using the on-line version of Viv's database apps, you will still be able to use these while Viv is away.

What's new?

Viv has opened a Memrise account for all Viv's students so that they can practice their English (and any other subjects they may be interested in). He has sent everyone a message with their log in and password. This app is a very useful way to learn new vocabulary, so the more you can use it when you have time to spare (waiting for the dentist etc.) the faster your English will improve.


Before Viv goes away, he will want to see all his friends and students (current and ex) at a BIG going away party!!!! EVERYONE IS INVITED!!! :-) Send Viv a message by WhatsApp for more details.

Students of the month

The students of the month for this last edition of the Newsletter are all the students it has been Viv's pleasure to work with over the years. :-)


This edition's feature is a look back at all the past editions of Viv's English Newsletter. You will need to read the on-line version of the Newsletter to do this (

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