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This page has links to sites with on-line maps; there are also links to sites with tourist information on Britain and selected countries around the world.

Knowing the time around the world

Time zones around the world

Maps of the the world - On-line maps including the UK.  


Street maps of the UK

A guide to UK food by Viv

Map of the London Underground (The Tube) - The Tube

Tourist information for Great Britain and London:

Immigration tips for Brazilians visiting Britain

British Tourist Authority: Welcome to VisitBritain

Information Britain web site

Tourist information UK

A UK Guide

Lonely Planet - Travellers' reports on England

Lonely Planet guide to London

Official London web site

Tourist information for The USA:Lonely Planet guide to Chicago

Lonely Planet guide to Miami

Lonely Planet guide to New York City


Maps for Brazil - On-line route maps for Brazil 

World maps:






Portugal & Spain


The world

Tourist information for other countries and cities around the world:

Lonely Planet World Guide - Canada

Lonely Planet World Guide - Greece

Lonely planet guide to Italy


Lonely Planet World Guide - Prague

Lonely Planet guide to Sydney

Lonely Planet guide to Rio de Janeiro

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