Viv's Video Club and songs.
DVD club

An excellent way to improve your listening skills is to watch films and tv programmes in English.
Viv has films recorded with:

Closed Captions

With this function English subtitles can be switched on or off (not all tvs have this function, check your tv manual). This type of DVD is appropriate for intermediate students.

Audio in English

Recommended for upper-intermediate and advanced level students.


These films or programmes have the translation written at the bottom of the screen.
To improve your listening, try switching off the subtitles and see how much you can understand. Then go back and check what they really said.
Films with audio in English and subtitles in your native language are best for Elementary and pre-intermediate students.

The DVD club is free of charge. However, Viv would be happy if you completed a worksheet with a brief summary of what you watched.
You can keep the DVDs for up to two weeks. PLEASE DON'T KEEP THE FILMS FOR MORE THAN THIS. If they are at your house, no one else can borrow them.

For a list of all the films in Viv's DVD Club, select:


If the film has English subtitles, this is listed on the right.
The DVD list also shows who stars in the film.

Viv's Songs

Following this link you'll find a list of the songs Viv uses in class. If there aren't any worksheets for a song you like, tell Viv and he'll do one for you.

Viv's Self access worksheets

Worksheets designed to help you improve your listening , reading and writing skills by completing worksheets at home (these worksheets can also be found under 'the teacher' link).
Practice makes perfect!
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