Luiz Inácio “LULA” da Silva


(1)           Born in 1945, Luiz Inácio da Silva, who in 1982 would have the nickname LULA attached to his name, is not sure the exact day of his birth, whether is on the 6th or on the 27th  of October; his father says it was on the 6th while his mother states it was on the 27th .

(2)       In 1952, his family followed the ordinary destination of thousands of people who live in the north east of Brazil. Running away from poverty and starvation, they migrated to São Paulo looking for a new life. Things change, but didn’t get a lot better. Lula was 14 when he founds his first official job, in a steel industry, working 12 hours per day. At this time, a partner who worked with him fell asleep while working and Lula lost his little finger in an accident at work.

(3)       Few years later, his brother, a priest called Father Chico, introduces him to the union movement. This was the beginning of a career in politics that can possibly end up in Brasilia next year. After being secretary of the union, he became its president and led the workmen in the biggest strike during the period of military dictatorship.   

(4)       In his private life, he also had a disappointment before reaching happiness. First, he married Maria de Lourdes and, when they were going to have a baby, she and their son died during the childbirth. After a while, he has had first daughter, Lurian, and then he started a family with Marisa, with who he is still married and lives with their kids.

(5)       In 1980, he founded the Workers’ Party, PT, and began fighting for democracy in Brazil. In 1986 there was an election for representatives to elaborate the new constitution. Lula was elected as the most voted deputy in the country. Since then Lula has never occupied any other post in public administration. He has been trying to become the president, and, after four tries, this is the most likely to be successful.

(6)       Despite the routes he had, he has never given up fighting for the best to the country. In 1992 he led  Collor’s impeachment. After almost 30 years of military dictatorship, people chose as president someone who would steal the country. It was a shame for us but, at least, he was removed from power.   

(7)       The Workers’ Party kept growing on in politics, electing more and more representatives in Legislative, and Lula kept on his journey to become president; travelling all around the country to know about people’s needs. In the election of 1998, FHC was re-elected, Lula was one more time almost the president, but the party was very successful in local voting. 

(8)       This year, after all Brazil has been passing through, it might be his chance; and next week we’ll see!  

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