Samara Oliveira



Lula´s Biography




(1) The man who might be elected president of Brazil next weekend was born in a poor village in the North East of Brazil. Luis Inacio Lula da Silva was a baby when his father moved to São Paulo in search of better working conditions. He left, leaving his wife and 8 children. In 1952 the rest of the family decided to take the same steps as their father.


(2) Surviving in São Paulo has been a tough experience for the whole family. Lula was only 12 years old when he started working. A few years later he got a job as a blue collar worker and during this period he studied and worked. Later on, after joining the union, he became interested in politics.


(3) Politics has been the main goal in Lula´s life since then. His work as the union president led him to establish the Workers Party in 1980. His path in politics has included a participation in the reforms of the Constitution, and he has been candidate in 3 presidential elections. So far it looks like his greatest dream will come true next Sunday, when, as all the election´s opinion polls indicate, he might be elected.

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