04th of October, 2001


Holidays, Goals, My brother and a comparison of Rio and Volta Redonda by Melissa Lemos.


1.      Holidays


Itís been a long time since Iíve had a holiday.


Itís common for me to go to Cabo Frio to rest. When I was a child I went there a lot of times and I stayed there for one or two months. Nowadays, I donít stay there very long because Iím very busy with work and study.


My last holiday was on Christmas Eve. As usual I went to Cabo Frio on the 23rd of December, and I stayed there until New Yearís Eve. It was nice because I visited my uncles, aunts, cousins, and my grandmother. Furthermore, I went to the Forte beach with my father, my mother and my brother. My boyfriend wasnít there because he was working. Heís a doctor and itís common for him to work on days off. Fortunately, last year he didnít need to work on New Yearís Eve and we spent it together in Barra, Rio de Janeiro. It was raining very hard, but it was nice.



2.      Goals


Nowadays one of the main goals in my life is learning English. Therefore, if I can, Iíd like to go to the United States, England or another place where I can improve my English.


However, I like having fun too, so Iíd like to travel to a lot of countries. I donít have a dream about going to a specific place. Any place is interesting for me because I like going to new places.


The only country that I have been to before is the United States; I stayed in Florida for only two weeks. Therefore it would be nice for me to a country in Europe or Australia for example. It would be great to see the snow too. Iíve never seen that.


At the same time, there are a lot of places in Brazil that I havenít been to yet. Brazil is a beautiful country with a lot of different and wonderful places. If I can, Iíd like to go to these places.


3.      My Brother


My brotherís name is Frederico. Heís twenty-three years old and heís a dentist.


Heís a good person, very calm and generous. He likes listening to music, playing tennis, going swimming, travelling and going fishing.


Everybody likes him, maybe because heís nice and polite.

He has a dog called Ursus and a Fiat Palio.


He isnít very organized, his bedroom is always a mess.


He likes helping people. This Christmas he gave presents to the poor children who are his patients.


We are very good friends. Unfortunately we donít live together. I live in Rio de Janeiro and he lives in Volta Redonda with our parents. However, we always see each other when possible.



4.      Volta Redonda and Rio de Janeiro


I was Born in Volta Redonda and I came to Rio de Janeiro when I was eighteen. Now I have been living in Rio for eight years and I like it here very much.


At the beginning I didnít have any friends and everything was new. Rio is bigger than Volta Redonda and itís easier to get lost here. Furthermore, Rio is more violent, so itís more dangerous than Volta Redonda. I felt like a foreigner at first, but as time passed, I saw the other side. Rio is more beautiful than Volta Redonda and here we can go to the beach, to a lot of cinemas, to the theatre and to a lot of shopping centres. Rio is more attractive and more interesting than Volta Redonda.


Unfortunately, although Rio has a lot of good things, there are a lot of problems too. Here, the traffic is more irritating and things are more expensive. Volta Redonda is calmer and simpler than Rio.


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