By Paula Vasconcelos

I go to the cinema almost every weekend, but nowadays the films are generally so violent or so sad that instead of having fun, you go back home more depressed than when you left. This is why I really enjoyed a film that I watched last month called "Chocolate". It’s about a woman who was brought up by very mystical people, and so she learnt how to resolve all sorts of problems that people had by using different spices when she was cooking. Having this gift, she was expected to travel all over the world, trying to help people in pain.

One day, she went to a small village in France, where people were extremely traditional, and opened a small sweet shop only selling chocolate. Nevertheless, as she was not married and had a child, she and her daughter were discriminated against by the local people. However, she started giving some pieces of chocolate to the few people who talked to her and told her their problems. As it was magic chocolate, people’s problems started to be resolved and she started making friends.

Time went by, and one afternoon she found a group of gypsies, who had just arrived in the village, and because of their different way of life, they were also not accepted by the local people. She fell in love with one of the gypsy men, which made her situation at the village even worse. They started a relationship, and together they managed to show the villagers that they could be happier if they did whatever they wanted, without worrying about outdated concepts.

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