by Ricardo Milone

The film Titanic was directed by James Cameron, who is a famous American director. Titanic won a lot of Oscars, which is the most important film-making award in the world.

The story is about a ship called the Titanic, which was the biggest ship built in history.

The film shows the terrible end of the Titanic, which sinks in the Atlantic Ocean and a lot of people die. A beautiful love story is shown, too.

The principle characters are: Jack Dawson, a poor young man who is an artist, Rose, a beautiful young woman, her mother and Rose´s fiance.

Rose´s fiance is a rich man and he loves Rose a lot. Rose´s mother is desperate because of their financial situation, and she wants to marry Rose to him.

Rose meets Jack on the Titanic while she´s sad about her boring life. She´s thinking about jumping off the ship and killing herself, but Jack catches her and saves her. After this, she falls in love with him.

In the evening, the Titanic hits a very big iceberg and it is damaged. After that the ship begins to sink.

Jack and Rose try to survive because the ship is sinking, and Rose´s fiance wants to kill them. After a few desperate hours, they fall in the cold sea water. Jack saves Rose again. He takes her onto a piece of wood and after a few minutes, he dies.

In my opinion, Titanic is a very good film. The model of the Titanic is almost perfect and the special effects are fantastic. However, I don´t like some of the actors, especially Leonardo Di Caprio. I don´t think that he´s a good actor.

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