Film Worksheet # 2

I have watched: "Bounce"

Directed by: Don Ross/ with: Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck


This is a composition about a really bad film, I might say. I confess Iīve watched it, although I donīt know why. However, here is the story:

Buddy Amaral (Ben Affleck) is a successful and arrogant businessman. He is a partner in a well-known advertising agency in Los Angeles. One night he has to wait for his delayed flight and meets Greg Janello, a writer with whom he exchanges his boarding pass in order to spend the night with the beautiful woman he has met at the airport bar. As expected in all bad films, when seats are changed a horrible tragedy happens: the aircraft has a technical problem and crashes. Greg dies, so Buddy starts drinking and becomes an alcoholic. However, this is not the worse thing in the film. After a short period under treatment, Buddy goes back to work with a fresh beautiful face and a new obsession: helping Abby, Gregīs poor widow and his two children. I donīt think that at this point itīs necessary to mention what comes later, since you can imagine, but well, Iīll tell you anyway.

Buddy (rich, handsome and kind-hearted) meets Abby (Gwyneth Paltrow, more boring than ever) and helps her. As a consequence they fall in love, because in a film like this the two main characters have to fall in love as soon as they can.

Now I think everybody can guess what happens later. Buddy gets on well with her two boys. He turns out to be a father figure for the children. When they are happier than ever (after a barbecue, of course) somebody tells Abby that the man she loves was supposed to be in her husbandīs seat on the flight and then they split up. He loses his job. He isnīt that arrogant anymore. The boys miss him and... they get back together.

I would not recommend this film to any of my friends, thatīs why I wrote this composition. So be careful, the title of the film is "Bounce" and itīs too similar to a Brazilian soap opera for my liking.

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