Conditions for classes - homework


By Viv Quarry (


If you are having classes with Viv, homework is not optional. The teacher prefers to dedicate class time to speaking, listening, vocabulary and grammar work. Reading and writing (and some grammatical and vocabulary practice exercises) are mostly set for homework. This work is an essential part of your course and not doing it, or presenting it late reduces the effectiveness of having classes. If you can't do homework regularly, it's better to suspend your English course.


Here's a story which illustrates Viv's point of view:


Once upon a time there was an executive working for a large multi-national company. He had a problem though, whenever he wanted to speak English, his throat hurt and he couldn't manage to express himself. One day he was discussing the problem with a colleague when his friend mentioned that he knew a doctor who had been able to resolve a similar problem for him. The executive noted down the doctor's phone number and decided to call him.

He arranged an appointment with the doctor for the following Wednesday evening after work. He arrived at the doctor's surgery on time and the doctor examined him and did some tests. "I know exactly what your problem is. I can prescribe you some special medicine, but it must be taken in a particular way", the doctor said. "You must take the medicine once a week, during one and a half hours. It doesn't matter when you take it, but during one and a half hours you have to take a drop of the medicine every five minutes", the doctor continued. The executive put the bottle of medicine in his pocket and left the surgery.

Three months later the doctor and the executive met in the street. "How are you?", asked the doctor. The executive took a piece of paper out of his pocket and wrote "I'm ok". The doctor asked what had happened and if the medicine had failed to work.

"No", the executive wrote, "I've been so busy that I haven't had time to take any of the medicine yet", he scribbled.

The doctor shrugged, said goodbye and turned away.


Conditions for classes with regard to the completion of homework:


1.      When homework hasn't been completed, Viv will highlight the exercise in your notebook and on his computer in red. When this happens, if the exercise hasn't been completed or isn't brought to the next class, the class will be cancelled and charged in full. If you have homework marked in red in in your notebook, classes cannot be transferred to another day or cancelled in advance without charge.


2.      If the teacher has to cancel two classes in any thirty-day period, classes will be suspended for one month.


3.      A second one-month suspension in any 12 month period will result in the termination of classes.


However, if there is a SERIOUS reason why you have been unable to do homework one week. Let Viv know in advance and there won't be any problems, but this will mean that you will probably have more to do the following week.