Viv's Methodology

You will be glad to know that your teacher is professionally qualified to teach English as a foreign language to adults after successfully completing the British Royal Society of Arts Diploma in the teaching of English to adults. Very few private English teachers in Rio de Janeiro have this internationally recognised qualification. It involves one year's full-time study of the practice and theory of English language teaching and can only be taken by people who already have experience teaching the language.

I have over ten years experience teaching English to adults, teenagers and children in Britain, Brazil, Kuwait, Oman and Spain.

Unfortunately, many people think that just by having private classes, they will learn to speak English. THIS IS NOT TRUE! A teacher cannot learn a language for the student. It is the student that must work to learn; the teacher can only provide adequate materials and activities which are effective for learning, and also advise the student on the most efficient methods to use.

Before you decide to start having classes you should think carefully about the following points:

1. Will I be able to attend classes regularly and at the arranged time?

2. Will I be able to dedicate at least one hour per week to doing homework?

3. Have I got the motivation to read books or magazines, write compositions and watch videos in English when not in the classroom.

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it would be better not to start having classes because you will be unlikely to be successful in your goal.

Don't forget that to learn a foreign language, you need three things:

Motivation, Organisation & Revision of English vocabulary, grammar & areas of difficulty.

Viv uses a special system for organising the vocabulary and grammar you study in class. Apart from making it easier to remember new words and learn difficult areas of the English language, this system will also result in a student notebook which you will be able use effectively on trips abroad and when preparing for tests and examinations in English.

You will be given a vocabulary test on the vocabulary in your notebook on average once every three months. Students not preparing for international exams will have a progress test after completing three or four units of their course book.

The pass mark for both tests is 50%. If you fail your vocabulary test, they will be given weekly until a pass is achieved. Viv has designed a computer program to help students with difficulty learning new words and expressions.

If you fail your progress test, you can take the same test one week later. If this second test is failed, your course will be automatically terminated as learning will have been proved to have been inefficient and ineffective. The course may also be terminated or suspended by the teacher if the student is unable to complete homework or come for classes regularly.

Finally, I believe that to be effective, learning must be enjoyable. In class you will listen to songs, play games, watch videos and use the computer to help you improve your English.

There is a monthly newsletter for students, a video club where you can borrow films for a week and a library with a variety of books and magazines for all levels which can be borrowed for one month.

Good luck with your studies, and I hope that you will be able to greatly improve your ability to understand and communicate in English.