Modal verbs worksheet - Exercises


Put the correct modal verb in its correct form combined with the verb in brackets to make deductions. In questions one to 6, try to use a different modal verb in each situation.

Situation : There are five milk bottles on their front door step.

1. They ____________________ (forget) to cancel their milk deliveries.

2. They ____________________ (wake up) yet.

3. There ____________________ (be) some guests staying with them.

Situation : His coat is on the floor.

4. He ____________________ (drop) it.

5. It ____________________ (be) his coat.

6. There ____________________ (be) some logical reason for it!

Put the correct modal verb in its correct form into the gaps.

7. He was very strong; he ____________________ ski all day and dance all night.

8. We ____________________ to borrow umbrellas; so we didn't get wet.

9. I was so far from the stage that I ____________________ see very well.

10. He sees very badly; he ____________________ wear glasses all the time.

11. NOTICE: All dogs ____________________ kept on leads!

12. Farmers ____________________ get up early.

13. You ____________________ drive fast; there is a speed limit here.

14. We ____________________ drive fast; we have plenty of time.

15. They ____________________ get up early; they were on holiday.

Complete these sentences in an appropriate way.

16. I left my bicycle here and now it's gone.

Someone ____________________ (steal) it.

17. I bought two bottles of milk.

You ____________________ (buy) milk; we have loads in the fridge.

18. I have just watered the roses.

You ____________________ (water) them. Look, it's raining now!

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