By Viv Quarry (www.vivquarry.com)


Session Two


Structures for making requests


Very formal


WILL              |                                   |           KIND              |

                        |           YOU BE SO   |                                   |AS TO            call Mr Jones?

WOULD         |                                   |           GOOD                        |




COULD YOU ........   |                                                                                  |

                                   |           send me the report on sales in December,        |           PLEASE?

WOULD YOU........   |                                                                                  |

                                                                                  |           WOULD YOU?

Call Mr Jones in the Human Resources Department,    |

                                                                                  |           COULD YOU?

I'D LIKE TO   see Mr Williams at six o'clock, PLEASE.


WILL YOU     contact International Supplies for me, PLEASE?


WOULD YOU MIND            ask-     ING     Mr Williams to come to my office, PLEASE?




CAN YOU      help me with this, PLEASE?




I'M (very / terribly / awfully) SORRY, BUT....

                                                                       I won't be able to come to the meeting on Friday.

I'M AFRAID..............


Frequently used Phrasal Verbs for arranging to meet.


To GET THERE                      = To arrive.

To MAKE IT                          = To do sth.

To CALL sth. OFF                 = To cancel.

To PUT sth. OFF                    = To postpone.


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