By Viv Quarry (www.vivquarry.com)


Session Three


1. Vocabulary

sb.= Somebody

sth.= Something


Travel Vocabulary - Planes


A ONE-WAY TICKET            = A ticket in one direction only.

A RETURN TICKET               = A ticket which returns you to your departure point.

AIRPORT TAX                       = Travel tax paid at some airports.

AISLE SEAT                           = Seat near the corridor.

ARRIVALS                             = The area where passengers arrive at an airport.

BAGGAGE RECLAIM            = Place where passengers can collect their checked in luggage.

BOARDING CARD                 = Permission to enter a plane.

BUSINESS CLASS                  = Expensive area reserved for business travellers.

CHECKED-IN LUGGAGE       = Luggage which the airline takes when you check in.

CUSTOMS                              = Police check of a passenger's possessions.

DEPARTURE GATE               = The area where passengers wait to board a plane.

DEPARTURE LOUNGE          = The area after passport control.

DEPARTURES                        = The area where passengers leave an airport.

DUTY FREE                            = Goods sold at a reduced tax.

ECONOMY CLASS                 = The cheapest seats on a plane.

FIRST CLASS                         = The most expensive seats on a plane.

FLIGHT ATTENDANT            = Airline employee on a plane.

HAND LUGGAGE                   = Bags which a passenger takes onto the plane.

PASSPORT                              = Official document needed to travel.

PASSPORT CONTROL           = Police check of passenger's passports.

SHUTTLE                                 = A bus or plane which goes between two fixed points.

TAXI RANK                             = Place where taxis wait to collect passengers.

TO BE OK                                = To have a place on a flight confirmed.

TO BE UPGRADED                 = To be moved to a higher class due to over-booking.

To BOOK A FLIGHT               = To reserve a seat on a plane.

To CHECK IN                          = To register before a flight.

TRAVEL AGENT                     = Travel organisation which sells flights and holidays.

TROLLEY                                = A small metal car used to transport heavy luggage.

VISA                                        = Official permission to travel.

WAITLISTED                          = On a waiting list for available seats on a fully booked flight.

WINDOW SEAT                      = Seat next to the window.

X-RAY MACHINE                   = Security check machine.


The international spelling code.

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie , Delta, Echo, Foxtrot , Golf, Hotel, Indio, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Queen, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu.


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