Prefixes & suffixes worksheet - Exercises (

Put the word in brackets into the correct form. You will have to use prefixes and/or suffixes.

1. He was sitting __________________ in his seat on the train. (comfort)

2. There was a __________________ light coming from the window. (green)

3. He was acting in a very __________________ way. (child)

4. This word is very difficult to spell, and even worse, it's __________________. (pronounce)

5. He's lost his book again. I don't know where he has __________________ it this time. (place)

6. You shouldn't have done that! It was very __________________ of you. (think)

7. He didn't pass his exam. He was __________________ for the second time. (succeed)

8. Some of the shanty towns are dreadfully __________________ . (crowd)

9. The team that he supported were able to win the__________________ . (champion)

10. There is a very high __________________ that they will be late. (likely)

11. I couldn't find any __________________ in his theory. (weak)

12. He wants to be a __________________ when he grows up. (mathematics)

13. You need to be a highly trained __________________ to understand this report. (economy)

14. There were only a __________________ of people at the match. (hand)

15. She arrived late at work because she had__________________ . (sleep)

16. The road was too narrow, so they had to __________________ it. (wide)

17. He was accused of __________________ documents. (false)

18. They had to __________________ the lion before they could catch it. (tranquil)

19. He needed to __________________ the temperature. (regular)

20. I think that you should __________________ . It may not be the best thing to do. (consider)

21. There was a three-hour __________________ because of the strike. (stop)

22. You need a _______________of motivation, organization and revision to learn English.(combine)

23. I try not to go to the supermarket at 5pm because it's __________________. (practice)

24. It is very __________________ to run air-conditioning with the door open. (economy)

25. His __________________ has been expected for the last half an hour. (arrive)

26. She looked at her __________________ in the mirror. (reflect)

27. I told him my plan but he wasn't very __________________ . (receive)

28. She had no __________________ of going to see him. (intend)

29. He spent half an hour __________________ himself with the building. (familiar)

30. Failing her driving test was a great __________________ to her. (appoint)

31. He decided to study __________________ at university. (journal)

32. The film was __________________ good. (surprise)

33. There was the need for __________________ construction when the fighting stopped. (war)

34. I don't like him at all. He's so __________________ . (satisfy)

35. The company has over 500 __________________ . (employ)

36. The new manager was very efficient and __________________ . (business)

37. It really isn't mine. I think that you are __________________ . (take)

38. The rate of __________________ in Brazil has been rising steadily. (employ)

39. With the real plan, the rate of __________________ in Brazil has fallen. (inflate)

40. She looked at him __________________ , and started to cry. (happy)

41. The party was __________________ , everything went wrong. (disaster)

42. The film was so __________________ that we left before the end. (bore)

43. The film was terrible, I felt really __________________ . (bore)

44. I think that there has been a __________________ , I didn't order this. (understand)

45. The bacteria are so small that you need a __________________ to see them. (scope)

46. Have you seen that new __________________ ? He's very funny. (comedy)

47. The event was totally __________________ . It was terrible. (organise)

48. I arrived late for work because I had __________________ . (sleep)

49. There is a small __________________ explaining the new traffic code. (book)

50. He was __________________ . He wouldn't change his mind. (compromise)

Prefixes and suffixes worksheet

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