How to give a presentation in English - Session 2

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2. Involving your audience.


     While doing research for your presentation, you may discover unusual or interesting facts and statistics about the topic. Include some of them in your introduction.


     Present this information in a way that makes it easier for the audience to relate to them.

     e.g. "One person in four" is easier than "25% of the population".


     Use words like you, your, us, our to make your audience feel involved in your presentation.


     Try to use stories from real life to help bring your presentation to life.


     Ask the audience to do something e.g. a show of hands.


     Ask your audience questions to involve them in the presentation. Especially when the audience is small.


     With larger audiences use rhetorical questions (which you answer yourself).




********************************USEFUL EXPRESSIONS*************************


Did you know that ......


Not many people realize that.....


(More than 25% of European flights are delayed by more than 30 minutes.) =

Next time you take a flight in Europe, at least one in four of you can expect delays of well over 30 minutes.


While I was on my way here this morning I saw ...... (it doesn't have to be the truth!)


Put your hands up, all of you who have (done something or seen something).


How many of you have (done something or seen something)?


Did you know that over fifty percent of the people who work for Sholl are under 30?

Why do you think this is? (pause) Well, perhaps it's because........






(Tape script Unit 1 - C1)


1.   How many times does she say YOU, YOUR, US, OUR. (Listen)



2.     How does he involve the audience?     (Listen)


3.   You are at an international conference on Human Resources. You are going to give a presentation to other delegates about selection and orientation procedures for employees due to go abroad.  Develop the notes below as an introduction for your presentation.


Include:           A statement of purpose.

                       Signposting to outline the main points, which you will develop in the presentation.



Increasing globalisation of business - essential to select right people for overseas assignments.


Look at the factors involved when identifying personnel to work abroad.


1. Cost of sending people abroad.

2. Reasons why so many people return home before the

    end of their contracts

3. Characteristics of a good assignee.

4. Selection and orientation procedures.


4.     Now listen to C3.4.     (Listen)


5.     D1

Fill in the missing words.


Fact: One of the noticeable features of the road is the number of tunnels.

And no doubt, ________ ________ ________ have driven along the famous autostrada del sol, ________ ________ the large number of tunnels....


Fact: There are approximately 300 km of tunnels in Italy.

In fact, here in Italy, ________ ________ about 300km of tunnels.


Fact: Energy consumption for lighting tunnels is very high.

________ ________ ________ , for example, that the total energy consumption for lighting this network of tunnels ________ ________ to lighting ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ Turin?


Fact: 80% of accidents in tunnels are caused by bad lighting.

In fact, ________ ________ ________ ________ accidents in tunnels can be attributed to bad lighting.     (Listen)


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