How to give a presentation in English - Session 6

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Building and outlining options


     Highlight the relationship between the different points you want to make by using linking words.

These linking words will help you build a convincing argument, and for your audience to anticipate which direction you are moving in (See Viv's 'Linking words' worksheet for more examples of linking words and how they are used).


********************************USEFUL EXPRESSIONS*************************

Linking words for contrast:


However, / On the other hand, / Although / In spite of this


Linking words for cause and effect (reason and result):


Therefore, / , so / Consequently, / because of this / ,as a result


Linking words for addition:


Moreover, / , in addition to this / , not only.... but also....


Let me now move on to....


     Particularly in longer presentations, include summaries.


     Give the summary at the end of the main parts of your presentation or after a key point.


     Use summaries as check points to draw a conclusion before you move on to a new point.


********************************USEFUL EXPRESSIONS*************************


So that's the general picture for....and now let's look at....


That completes my overview of.... so now I'd like to move on to....


     Outlining options

If there are alternatives to your proposal, explain them. This will show that you have looked at different ways of dealing with the situation.

Outline both weaknesses and benefits for each option you consider.

If there are a series of benefits or weaknesses, make it clear which are your strongest points, and which are just secondary.


********************************USEFUL EXPRESSIONS*************************


We've considered / looked at three options. / One way to solve this problem is.... Another is to....

The first option is to.... But what about the second option? / Now let's look at the third option, which is to


What are the benefits? / Now, what about the advantages? / Now, I'd like to look at the benefits.

There are, however, disadvantages... / But there are some problems too. / On the other hand...






(Tape script - unit 3 - C1)


Listen to these three extracts from a presentation. Notice the expressions the presenter uses to explain the different options and move from point to point.


Complete the missing words in the extract below (contractions e.g. 'We've' count as one space):



In fact, ________ __________________ ____________

three different _________________________________________________ . (States the options)


________________ , ________________ run all your computing from three regional centres,...


(States the first option)


So, ________________ ________________ ________________ benefits of this option?


(Moves to the benefits)


First, you'd achieve a reduction... ________________ ________________ , ________________ , some practical ________________ , that would make it very difficult to implement this solution. First, the question of... (Moves to the weaknesses)


So, the second ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ to expand one... (Moves on to the second option)


The ________________ benefit in this ________________ ________________ ________________ full optimisation of your computer resources... (States the main benefit)


________________ , there are ________________ here ________________ . If you expanded Bristol, Barcelona, or indeed Frankfurt you would have even greater space problems.


(Moves to weaknesses)


________________ , ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________ the third option, to organise... (Moves to preferred option)


Now, ________________ ________________ ________________ , this seems to be a more expensive ________________ in terms of the cost per computing hour. (States a weakness)


________________ the ________________ ________________ very ________________ .


(Balances the weakness with benefits)    (Listen)



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