How to give a presentation in English - Session 9

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Concluding a presentation

Without a good conclusion a presentation is not complete. One way to end a presentation is to summarise briefly your main arguments and draw conclusions for the audience.


    Recommendations and calls for action.

A persuasive presentation will often include recommendations and/or a call for action from the audience.


********************************USEFUL EXPRESSIONS*************************


My suggestion                        

Our proposal                                       would be/is to set up a project group.

The recommendation                          


We recommend

I'd like to suggest                                 Setting up a project group.

I propose


We suggest

I recommend                                       you set up a project group.

We propose


    Building a conclusion.

A good conclusion will contain some or all of the following stages: a summary, support documentation, closing formalities.


********************************USEFUL EXPRESSIONS*************************


At this stage I'd like to go over / run through....                        So, to summarise / sum up...

So, as we've seen in this presentation today....             As I've explained....


I've detailed cost breakdown, which I'll be passing / handing round now.

In the folder which I'll be distributing you'll find copies of the...


I'd be happy to answer any questions.

If you have any questions, I'd be pleased to answer them.

I would welcome any comments / suggestions.

Thank you for your attention.


    Giving your conclusion more impact

It's important to make your conclusions as forceful and memorable as possible. The words in bold can help you do this.


********************************USEFUL EXPRESSIONS*************************


It's priced so high customers are unhappy.       The timescale is far too ambitious.

If we really want to do this.....            We really feel/think this is the best way.

Given the very/extremely high costs   We strongly recommend the first option.

Quality just isn't high enough.               I wish to make it quite clear this is the only option.






Choose one of the topics below, or a topic from your own professional background.


A project update                     A change in a procedure

A performance review  A new product / system


Complete the two statements about your presentation:


The purpose of this presentation is ________________________________

At the end of the presentation I want my audience to ________________________________


Brainstorm your key points and list them in note form.


Plan a conclusion for the presentation. Use one of the frameworks to help you organise your ideas.


1          a) Summarise the key points

            b) Conclude with a recommendation.

            c) Distribute support documentation and thank the audience.


2          a) Summarise the key points.

            b) Conclude with recommendations.

            c) Invite questions and thank the audience.


3          a) Summarise the key points.

            b) Conclude with a dramatic statement.

            c) Thank the audience.


Try to record your presentation on tape or video. Then review it using the checklist below:







Did you include a clear summary or the main points?



Was it clear for the audience what message you wanted them to take away?



Was it clear what you wanted the audience to do?



Did you manage to create an impact with your ending?






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