Relative clauses exercises (intermediate -)

Join the following sentences to make one sentence using a relative pronoun when necessary.

If the relative pronoun is unnecessary, put it in brackets. You may sometimes have to change the word order or change 'a' into 'the'.


There's the boy. He broke the window.                                            _______________________________


The film star gave a party. It cost $10,000.                                     _______________________________


That's the palace. The Queen lives in it.                                          _______________________________


You met a man at the party. He is a famous film star.                    The man..._______________________________


My friend came to the party. He's a policeman.                              _______________________________


There are the policemen. They caught the thief.                             _______________________________


What's the name of the lady? She was wearing the blue dress.            _______________________________


I gave her a watch. It stopped after two days.                                                                     _______________________________


My car was very expensive. It's a Mercedes.                                   _______________________________


You're reading a book. I wanted to read it.                                      _______________________________


The Red Lion is a pub. We met in it for a drink.                             _______________________________


There's someone at the door. He wants to speak to George.                       _______________________________


Here are the letters. They arrived this morning.                                                                 _______________________________


I met Mr Da Silva. He is President of Brazil.                                  _______________________________


It's very spicy food. I don't like it.                                                    _______________________________


That's the house. I was born in it.                                                     _______________________________


That's the dictionary. Bill gave it to me for Christmas.                  _______________________________


Where is the lady? She ordered fish.                                                           _______________________________


Those are the cars. They only take unleaded petrol.                                   _______________________________


The children went to New York. They speak English.                    _______________________________


Do you know the children? They live in that house.                                   _______________________________


Do you like the people. Sarah invited them to her party.                _______________________________


The clothes come from C&A. They are good quality.                     _______________________________

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