Stative verbs worksheet - Exercises 1

By Viv Quarry (

Put the verb into the correct form. Use either the present simple or the present continuous.

1. Please don't make so much noise. I __________________ (study).

2. How many languages __________________ (Tom speak).

3. I __________________ (not/belong) to a political party.

4. Hurry! The bus __________________ (come). I __________________ (not/want) to miss it.

5. The River Nile __________________ (flow) into the Mediterranean.

6. The river __________________ (flow) very fast today — much faster than usual.

7. __________________ (it/ever/snow) in India?

8. We usually __________________ (grow) vegetables in our garden, but this year we __________________ (not/grow) any.

9. A: Can you drive?

B: No, but I __________________ (learn). My father __________________ (teach) me.

10. You can borrow my umbrella. I __________________ (not/need) it at the moment.

11. (at a party) I usually __________________ (enjoy) parties but I __________________ (not/enjoy) this one very much.

12. George says he's 80- years old but I __________________ (not/believe) him.

13. Ron is in London at the moment. He __________________ (stay) at the Hilton Hotel. He usually __________________ (stay) at the Hilton Hotel when he's in London.

14. My parents __________________ (live) in Bristol. They were born there and have never lived anywhere else. Where __________________ (your/parents/live)?

15. She __________________ (stay) with her sister at the moment, until she finds somewhere to live.

16. A: What __________________ (your father/do)?

B: He's a teacher, but he __________________ (not/work) at the moment.

17. What time __________________ (the banks/close) in Britain?

18. I don't understand the word 'aint'. What __________________ (it/mean)?

19. He is still ill but he __________________ (get/better) slowly.

20. The economic situation is already bad and it __________________ (get/worse).

Stative verbs worksheet

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