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English as a Foreign Language for Teachers

If you are thinking of teaching English as a foreign language, but don't want to work for a language school, Viv has started designing his introductory 'English as a Foreign Language for Teachers' course. These worksheets are designed for people who wish to start teaching English as a foreign language, and would like to know the basic steps involved in setting up a language course. As he completes more worksheets he'll add them to this section of his site.

Viv's ELFT course 01 - Setting up a language course

Viv's ELFT course 02 - Preparation before the first class

Viv's ELFT course 03 - Completing the lesson plan and after the first lesson

Viv's ELFT course 04 - Homework, revision and the alphabet

Viv's ELFT course 05 - Native language, metalanguage and "Viv's Angry Pages"

Viv's ELFT course 06 - Reading

This material may only be used for the improvement of English language teaching practices. If used in training workshops, please inform Viv by leaving a message in his guest book.

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