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This section includes materials developed by Viv to help make English language teaching more effective.

Teacher training materials
The first link below includes materials for teachers who already have some experience teaching English as a foreign language. This section includes examples of one of Viv's RSA observed lesson plans and a lesson evaluation checklist. There are also copies of the material Viv uses for Teacher Training Workshops.

Teacher training material for experienced teachers

The link below has a step-by-step guide for people who would like to start teaching English as a foreign language, but as yet have no experience in this profession.

A guide for first-time teachers of English as a foreign language

Viv's metalanguage worksheet.
Metalanguage is the language students use to help them learn to communicate. Viv gives all his new students a copy of his 'metalanguage' and asks them to memorize the expressions as the first homework they are asked to do.

Metalanguage for beginners and elementary students

Metalanguage for pre-int students and above

Viv's Marking scheme.
These are the symbols Viv puts in the margin of his student's written work to indicate the type of mistake in the line next to the symbol(s). Using this system should help students to learn to critically check their own written work and help them avoid errors.

Viv's Marking scheme symbols

Using phonetic script in the classroom.
Viv has adapted the traditional phonetic script for use by Brazilian students. He has substituted some of the symbols which are meaningless to a layman for symbols which can be used by students when noting down the pronunciation of new words in their notebooks. The traditional symbols are also included on this page. 

Note! In order to view the phonetic symbols on your computer, you will need to download and install the SIL Encore IPA93 fonts (silipa93.exe). You can do this  from the site on the link below. The fonts are free and the instructions for installing them are easy to follow.

SIL Encore IPA93 font download

Viv's phonetic script

Viv's phonetic script exercise

Organising a student's notebook.
I have designed a system of organizing my student's vocabulary and grammar notebooks so that their notebook can be used as a reference resource long after their English course has finished.

Student's notebook

Learning Vocabulary.
Why is it important to learn vocabulary? How do I increase the number of words I know?

Learning Vocabulary

Viv's Vocabulary Database.
Viv has developed a vocabulary learning database program using Microsoft Access. This program is designed to complement Viv's student notebook vocabulary organisation. For more information click on the link below.

Viv's Vocabulary Database

Viv's Back of Notebook Database.
Viv has also developed a grammar and functions learning database program with extensive help, including links to worksheets on this site. The program has been designed as a  Microsoft Access database. For more information click on the link below.

Viv's BON Database

Creating EFL worksheets.
You may also find the grammar, vocabulary and professional worksheets useful. They can be found in the 'practice your English' section of this site on the page 'Viv's video club, library and worksheets'.

If you would like to produce your own worksheets, I've written some advice on writing your own worksheets

Creating worksheets

Using a TV broadcast in class.
TV programmes, either recorded onto DVD or as a You Tube digital video stream can be an excellent source for language practice classroom activities.

Example TV broadcast activities

Using DVD in class.
DVD can be more versatile than VHS and a powerful teaching aid. Here you can find the pros and cons of using DVD, how to set up and organise a classroom activity using a film, and there's an example DVD activity based on Viv's favourite film.

Using DVD in class

Computer Assisted Learning
Computers can be an exceptionally powerful tool in language teaching. Here is Viv's guide to setting up a Computer Assisted Language Learning Centre on a PC either at home or school.

An introduction to Computer Assisted Language Learning

Links to sites with materials for English teachers and students

Juliana's favourite sites

Links to sites with materials for English teachers with Portuguese as their native language

English made in Brazil

Viv's World Cup activity