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Student news. A vocabulary test challenge for students - free classes for a month if they can get 100% in a vocabulary test! What's new on the web? and what's coming on the web? Features: Bushisms.
Newsletter 21


Student news. Viv's change of address. The Shell Brasil move to Barra and its consequences. Viv's mobile phone. What's new on the web?
Features: A selection of jokes taken from the jokes links on the 'Language tools and web site maps page of this site.
Newsletter 22
23 Student news. Contact details and parking at Viv's new flat. The Christmas holiday and 'What's new on the web'. Student of the month (December 2001) - Isabel Ponde Castro Faria.
Features: An article by the same English teacher who wrote in edition 19. This article, in Portuguese, has a profile of the typical Brazilian English learner.
Newsletter 23
24 Student news. Student's personal 'fact file' web pages. The Carnival holiday. Advanced warning when students take a month off classes, and penalties for not informing Viv in advance. Feedback on the vocabulary tests.
Features: Vocabulary test results for all Viv's students (January 2002)
Newsletter 24
25 Information on the increase in prices for students having classes with Viv. 'Danny the duck' is introduced to Viv's students. Student of the month (February 2002) - Junior Moreira.
Features: A humorous web page on 'Portuglês' pronunciation.
Newsletter 25
26 Student news and birthdays. A complaint from Viv about students who do not show up for classes without informing the teacher in advance. Finding out how many people have visited the students' fact file web pages. Student of the month (March 2002) - Melissa Lemos.
Features: Student compositions by Marliana de Souza and Samara Oliveira.
Newsletter 26
27 Student news and birthdays. Congratulations of students passing levels. Viv's birthday drink. News about the cost of classes and future & past tests. Recording songs done in class. On-line encyclopedia added to the web site. Student of the month (May 2002) - Samara Oliveira.
Features: A twentieth century quiz to practice using the on-line encyclopedia.
Newsletter 27
28 Student news and birthdays. Goodbye and good luck to students leaving Brazil. 1000th visit to Viv's web site. Tests and past e-mail activity. Tips on using the closed caption feature on the TV.  Student of the month (August 2002) - Elaine Bayma.
Features: Student compositions by Maria Eugenia and Barbara Boavista..
Newsletter 28
29 Student news. Using the video camera in the classroom. How to remove annoying pop up windows and advertisements when using the internet. Viv's giving presentations course and photo page. Presidential candidate compositions. Student of the month (October 2002) - Sara Loureiro..
Features: Biographies of Lula and Serra by Vanessa and Isabel.
Newsletter 29
30 Christmas and New Year's holidays. Congratulations for students passing levels. Information for ex-students wishing to receive copies of the Newsletter by e-mail. Information for students who pass levels and want to continue having classes, and the 'bar class'. Student of the month (December 2002) Marilena Petros.
Features: Vocabulary and back of notebook test results for 2002.
Newsletter 30
31 Birthdays in January and February. The change in prices for Viv's classes in 2003. New cost of parking in the Self Park Car park. Holidays. Student's factfile web pages, and web site news.
Features: Statistics for student's personal web pages.
Newsletter 31
32 Student news. Information about studying English abroad and doing translations. Information for students using the Self Park car park when coming for classes. Student of the month (February 2003) Ana Lucia Brandão.
Features: Answer to the web site quiz - Countries from which people have visited Viv's web site.
Newsletter 32
33 Student news. The Easter holiday. Vocabulary test news and 'Wordstore' vocabulary learning program. 'Free' conversation classes! Student of the month (April 2003) Patricia Alpande..
Features: Update to conditions for classes regarding the completion of homework be Viv's students.
Newsletter 33
34 News about holidays including Viv's holiday in the UK. Birthdays in June and the new situation with regards to parking at Viv's flat. Course news and information for those wishing to write to a pen friend in the USA. Student of the month (May 2003) Ana Paula Morais. Features: Conditions for students at intermediate level and above who want to continue on to the next level with Viv as their teacher..
Newsletter 34
35 Student news and birthdays. Course news - future tests. Changes in the way Viv bill his students. Student of the month (August 2003) Nara Borges.
: Viv's pronunciation symbols used in class and the standard equivalents.
Newsletter 35
36 Student news and birthdays. Congratulations to students for demonstrating excellence in English. Watching videos in class and Viv's video club. Using the BBC and CNN on cable TV to improve your listening skills. Student of the month (October 2003) Marliana de Souza.
: Updated list of the films in Viv's DVD club.
Newsletter 36
37 Student news. Reliable professionals - a computer technician. Student of the month (December 2003) Vanessa Macedo.
: Student's back of notebook and vocabulary test results for 2003.
Newsletter 37
38 Student news and birthdays. The Carnival holiday and changes in the cost of classes. Viv's designer t-shirt as a prize in the back of notebook tests. Borrowing books from Viv's library. 
: Understanding a text with jumbled up letters. Words with the same spelling but different pronunciation and meaning.
Newsletter 38

Student news. Everyone passed the vocabulary tests! Both Viv's students passed the Cambridge Advanced Examination! Holiday and course news. Student of the month (April 2004) - Juliana Frota. 
: Tips in Portuguese - 'How to write 400 English words in a minute'.
Newsletter 39



Student news and birthdays. Information about class cancellations and 'No shows'. Viv's internet reading activity. Course news. Student of the month (June 2004) - Jovana Druck. 
Rules for 'No Shows' and a list of links to English newspaper web pages.
Newsletter 40

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